Get lost in the neon jungle

Deep in the metaverse, there’s a neon-soaked cyberpunk world where intelligent, technology-enhanced humanoid animals of all kinds go about their lives in the streets of Neotokyo…

Corporate Wolves launch attacks on their rival megacorporations, Hacker Raccoons jack into the Net to steal data, and Street Punk Cats run jobs to earn credits for their upgrades. The cast of characters is rich and diverse, as are their skills, cybernetic upgrades and traits.

From NFTs, to card games, to fully interactive 3D metaverse experiences and eventually TV series, we’re building a universe of great characters with high quality design and memorable stories…

our vision

NFT Comics, video game, metaverse, physical collectibles and more...
We’re bringing Eon Rift to a wide variety of formats for people to enjoy and interact with the world.  Our vision for Eon Rift is to create a lasting new intellectual property that fans will be able to access in many different ways.
Create your own characters.  Buy property to live in, or a business to generate tokens.  Collect rare comics, or engage in P2E and PVP games set in the EON RIFT world.  Collect exclusive physical collectibles.  We’re creating multiple ways for our community of fans to participate in and engage with the world we’re building.


game test animation – check it out

Build your own 

Build and customize your own 3D Eon Rift NFT characters
Eon Rift are NFT characters that you can build and customize as you like.  There are numerous options for customization and modfications, such as cubernetic arms, eye visors, legs, eye implants and other embedded technology to enhance your Eon Rift however you like.  The ehnancements will give your character improved stats in various skills and traits that will affect gameplay.

customize your characters

Ugrade & customize your weapons and gear
Customization in Eon Rift doesn’t stop with your characters – you can also modify your weapons too.  Modifications like scopes, clips and ammo types will affect gameplay, while decals and coloring and materials will allow you to make your weapons uniquely yours.


Buy, train and customize your own robot companions
Life in the Eon Rift world can be tough, and sometimes we all need a little help to get by.  Lucky for you, there are many robotic companions to choose from.  Not only do they provide loyal companionship, they can also help out with gathering resources when you’re offline or idle, guarding territory or providing some extra firepower when things get hairy.  Like everything else you can upgrade and customize them with mods and cosmetics to make them truly yours.

our vision

Our DAO & Co-creating with our community
We’re building a community of fans that want to help shape our metaverse and intellectual property, and with that participation will come rewards and benefits.  Co-creation is one of the pillars of our community philosophy, and through our DAO we will collaborate with the EON RIFT community to drive the projects forward.
Leri Greer, Hollywood Veteran Creative Leader

Leri brings 15+ years of experience in concept art at Peter Jackson’s WETA studios, where he worked on some of the most successful and iconic science fiction film properties in recent history including Avatar, Mad Max Fury Road, District 9, Ghost In The Shell, Elysium and Chappie.

Leri also was one of the founding members of the critically acclaimed Half Life 2 mod, “NeoTokyo” which earned a stand-alone release on Steam.  Ed Harrison, who composed the music for NeoTokyo went on to create the music for the game Deus Ex.

Van Jensen - DC Comics / Dark Horse Author

Van Jensen is a novelist, comic book author and filmmaker known for creating unique and mind-bending worlds filled with compelling characters. After a career as a newspaper crime journalist and magazine writer and editor, he broke into the comics industry with his graphic novel Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer, which earned rave reviews and honors from the American Library Association. From there, he was hired by DC Comics to write iconic heroes including Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman. Van has also written comics featuring James Bond.

Van’s own creations include the neo-noir Bylines in Blood (Aftershock), conspiracy thriller Cryptocracy (Dark Horse), sci-fi dystopian adventure ARCA (IDW), true crime graphic novel Two Dead (Simon & Schuster), and the upcoming A Hunnert Pieces of the Devil (IDW).

As a filmmaker, Van has worked on projects including Stranger Things, and he has written and directed short films and music videos for clients including Empire. He has developed several TV projects for Sony Studios and others.